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      Curtains or Blinds?

      This was what a customer asked me last week in our High Street Showroom in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

      "It's completely up to you and down to your personal preference", I replied, knowing that they were looking at me as though I could provide a definitive answer as to which solution was 'better'. This is a common dilemma we are faced with and one that frequently occurs when people purchase new build homes. They have a blank canvas situation, with empty rooms that have yet to have the owners 'stamp' put on them. 

      We do often deal with a common misconception that curtains are warmer, indeed they can appear more cosy and many of the curtain poles we supply are able to support heavy curtain due to the diameter of the pole. (63mm Diameter Curtain Poles are particularly good for supporting the heaviest of curtains fabrics) Blinds can offer a more modern appearance and provide flexibility and light control.

      Another point to consider is the style of the room and how it will be used. We find that curtains are used more frequently in bedrooms and 'formal' rooms, whilst blinds are more common in extensions and more 'daily use' rooms, such as breakfast rooms and kitchens. 

      So, in answer to the question, it really is down to the individuals in question and the look they are trying to create. My customers went away happy with the same advice, as in the end they opted for curtains and curtain poles. (In case you were wondering!)