Hallis Unfinished 28mm Wooden Curtain Pole

Pole Length: 120cm

VAT included

  • Finish to your own choice of colour with this unfinished curtain pole available in 7 different lengths.
  • 28mm & 35mm FSC Wood poles supplied with finials, brackets and 10 rings per metre.
  • Poles up to 200cm supplied in 1 piece,
  • All poles 200cm and above supplied with 3 brackets.
  • Poles 240cm and above supplied in 2 pieces and a joining screw.
  • Please note: due to natural variations in wood and the different types of wood used on the pole and components, the colour of the pole and components may be considerably different.
  • We recommend using a base coat prior to painting to achieve a consistent colour across each part of your pole.
  • *This pole can be stained, however work will be needed to achieve a colour match across components.*

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